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    I finally saw this. Ehhh... loved the gore/practical effects, and the last 30 minutes were fun but what is it with every movie post-Scream not being able to resist being campy? You lose the camp in Hatchet and it becomes a real, REAL, horror film. This was an "almost classic" for me. But lose the goofy campiness.
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    Are creative kills the same thing as horror?

    I too watched Hatchet for the first time this weekend. I wanted to see it, having seen Adam Green's panel at Comic-Con last month. As I mentioned in the Hatchet 2 thread, I was a little put-off by Green's attitude and his bragging about the number of kills in the sequel, as opposed to any discussion of atmosphere, mood, character, etc.

    Now having seen Hatchet, I see how Green rolls. Yup, lots and lots of kills, and very little else.

    I don't know why this type of thing will work so well in some films (Piranha 3D), but just seems tired in others (Hatchet). I know it wasn't meant to be serious, but that's the problem. A setup like this (crazed killer in the swamps outside New Orleans) has great potential for genuine scares, and Green chose not to go that route. Something like Piranha is ludicrous to begin with, so the campiness seemed more apropos.

    But yeah, props to the Newbury Comics T-Shirt. I don't know how much of my college spending money went into the Newbury Comics cash tills...but it was a lot.

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