Kane Hodder Documentary - June (2018)

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    To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story

    In select theaters June 28/29 (2018) - On Blu-Ray July 13th (2018)


    "is the harrowing story of a stuntman overcoming a dehumanizing childhood filled with torment and bullying in Sparks, Nevada. After surviving a near-death burn accident, he worked his way up through Hollywood, leading to his ultimate rise as Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th series and making countless moviegoers forever terrified of hockey masks and summer camp. Featuring interviews with cinema legends, To Hell and Back peels off the mask of Kane Hodder, cinema's most prolific killer, in a gut-wrenching, but inspiring, documentary. After decades of watching Kane Hodder on screen, get ready to meet the man behind the mask in a uniquely human story about cinema's most vicious killer."

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    Just watched To Hell And Back: The Kane Hodder Story. Obviously, a lot of focus on Jason and Victor Crowley (Kane himself was at the Q&A when I saw Victor Crowley last October), but there are a few of his other films discussed here, such as working with Charlize Theron in Monster and his role as Ed Gein.

    But the reason to watch the documentary is the full story about his burns, which I had heard before on The Movie Crypt but not in such detail. He even returns to the place where it happened and the hospital that treated him. It's pretty powerful stuff.

    Personally, I'd have loved to hear stories about some of his other movies instead of the same Jason and Victor Crowley stories we've all heard, but that's what the fans want and that's what the fans get. And who I am kidding, I could listen to people talk Friday The 13th all day.

    And although there is a lot of gushing from fans and colleagues about how great Kane is, I liked that 80% of the documentary is him telling his own story.
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    I just finished watching it. The first 2/3 dealing with his burns and the FvJ rejection are great and very emotional. The rest drags. I don't mind hearing from his wife and kids, or fans from a horror con, but that area goes on way too long. It's 108 minutes, but could have been more impactful at 90 minutes or so.
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