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  1. I've always closely associated Hammer and Amicus films for the simple fact that so many of the Hammer directors and actors made the crossover at one time or another, so I suppose this isn't too far off topic. My question is, does anyone have the definitive list of films produced by Amicus?
  2. Hi HF
    This is not definitive but I am pretty sure it is complete. Any one know of any I am missing. Its enought to keep you busy anyway . :)
    Horror Hotel 1960
    Dr. Terror's House of Horrors 1964
    The Skull 1965
    Psychopath 1966
    Terrornauts 1966
    The Deadly Bees 1967
    Torture Garden 1967
    They Came From Beyond Space 1967
    The Mind of Mr. Soames 1968
    The Birthday Party 1968
    Scream and Scream Again 1969
    The House That Dripped Blood 1970
    I, Monster 1970
    What Became of Jack and Jill 1971
    Tales From The Crypt 1972
    Asylum 1972
    From Beyond The Grave 1973
    And Now The Screaming Starts 1973
    Vault of Horror 1973
    The Beast Must Die 1974
    Madhouse 1974
    Land That Time Forgot 1975
    At The Earth's Core 1976
    The People That Time Forgot 1977
    The Uncanny 1977
    The Monster Club 1979
  3. Hi JA and welcome to the forum! :D Thanks for the list and I must admit, you've added a couple of titles that I hadn't thought were Amicus titles and left a couple off that I'd always assumed were Amicus! The only title I see missing from your list that I'd always assumed to be an Amicus production is, Tales That Witness Madness. The new titles that have been added to my Amicus list are, The Birthday Party, What Became of Jack and Jill[/b], Madhouse and The Uncanny. Thanks for the list!
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    Nice list JA, thanks for the info. :) HF, did you ever pick up the Asylum dvd? I was disappointed with the transfer and that it was full frame, but a couple of my friends do like this dvd, what did you think? :)
  5. CK, I've not seen the DVD, yet, but I'm awaiting a shipment of DVDs I was given for my birthday, I can only hope that Asylum is one of those discs. :D I've heard some fans are disappointed about the transfer and the fact that it's a bare-bones release, but at this point, I'm just pleased to know that someone realizes there are Amicus fans out here!

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