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Discussion in 'Euro Horror' started by domper9, Jul 11, 2001.

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    There has been some discussion on this forum some time ago about Dario Argento's Stendhal Syndrome.

    The two decent versions out there seem to be the Troma release, which has a director's commentary and that's important to me, and a Dutch Filmworks release.

    Somebody here preferred the second one and I wonder why. Apparantly, there's a version out there that has a documentary, "D.A.'s World of Horror" or something, on it. Does anybody own that DVD? Could you tell me what that documentary is about, how long it is and if you prefer it over director's commentary?

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    IIRC, there's no commentary by Argento on the Troma disc. One was planned, but never recorded. And the fact that it's a Troma release should be enough to scare any self respecting Argento fan (who's capable of playing R2-discs ;)) away...

    I'd go for the DFW release any day. Quality wise it's fine, not great, but it serves it's purpose. The documentary on Argento (Dario Argento's World Of Horror, by Michele Soavi) is a real gem for the price of the disc (about $25). Synapse has released DA's WOH on a disc of it's own for about $30.

    The 70 minute documentary features what you can expect (interviews, behind the scenes, etc.) and it's pretty fun to watch. On the down side: It was recorded back in '85, so it feels a bit dated and (obviously) none of Argento's later films are featured. It's presented in full frame and the A/V quality isn't very good. But since you get both a decent release of Stendhal and WOH for less than the Synapse disc, why complain?
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    :eek: I must have stumbled on a site that still listed the commentary as an extra. I just checked the Troma site and you're right, no Dario commentary. They got one from the FX guy Sergio Stivaletti instead. Thanks for saving me from a HUGE dissapointment.

    (remembering Dario's english, maybe it's a good thing... :D )

    I'll go for the DFW then.

    I've only just begun collecting DVD's. Why would any "self respecting fan" not buy Troma discs? Notoriously bad quality or do you just hate the Troma merchandising on it?

  4. The Troma disc is pretty good... Uncut, widescreen (though not, I understand, matted 100% correctly) The Stivaletti bit is an interview, though, not an running commentary. There's also an Argento interview (and a second one, hidden as an easter egg), and, curiously, an interview with Ruggero Deodato about Cannibal Holocaust. ...Plus the usual Troma extras, which, like 'em or otherwise, can't be accused of detracting from the DVD. I don't think very many people watched the Julie Strain rap more than once, but what the hey.

    World of Argento (aka Argento's World of Horror) is a good documentary that's been around a long time (there's a sequel, by Cozzi that updates it), but it's not such a great extra for many Argento fans, who've obviously already got it.

    If you haven't got World of Argento (and don't want to spring for both the Troma disc AND the World of Argento disc), I think it's kind of a close call. I dunno. I can't play R2, so it was never an issue for me.
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    I'm not exactly a fan of Troma. They've got a couple of not-so-bad DVD releases, where Stendhal is one of them. But most of their DVD's has a real quick-n-dirty feel to them. Don't get me started on their flicks. Just not my kind of humor...

    I think it's kinda ironic that Argento, who's pretty much all about style, has a film released by a company like Troma. Lenzi's Nightmare City would have made a better match.

    OTOH, I'd probably sit here with the Troma disc if I didn't have an R2 compatible player...
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    Best place to get the Dutch Filmworks version is Free Record Shop. They also have Italian Shock titles including New York Ripper shipped to the US for about US$14 (I started a thread in General forum a couple of days ago).

    I have bought stuff from them several times, and had no problems. They do answer emails too.
  7. After stepping to the plate for My Dinner With Andre, way back when, Troma has shown a pretty odd capacity for doing justice in the film world (even if the movies they make themselves are a different story). Argento's not much of a surprise after that.
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    Avoid the Troma disc at all costs - it has fake letterboxing to cheat you into thinking it is the right aspect size - it isnt - it is a fullscreen version with black bars put on top and bottom.

    The discs to buy are either the french DVD - the best picture quality but unremovable french subtitles and no extras - or the dutch dvd with the documentary and removable subs but sligtly worse picture quality (but still very good)
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    DFW all the way. The troma disc is pretty bad and what makes it worse is the introduction by Kaufman, he really irks me.
  10. Is that true about the crop boxing? That sucks; I didn't realize...

    (You can skip the Kaufman intro, though, y'know)
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    kaufman was not even wearing a clean shirt(it looked like had trouble drinking some coffie or Dr. Pepper) in his so called one on one(from new york to rome) interview with argento if only i could burn over all the troma shit on the disc it would be all right for the 13.99 i paid for it( even the titties(in the trivia) don't make up for the other LAME troma shit,trailers,ect.its a damn shame.
  12. Troma stuff

    I don't see why it upsets you so much... It's not like you have to watch it.
  13. Andrew

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    Uh oh

    Is the Troma disc that bad? I've never seen this movie and was planning on ordering it within the next few weeks. Should I save my $15?
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    its a shame to have troma and argento on the same disc and dont forget about ron jeremy in one of the troma trailers( im sure every male over the age of 18 has ron jeremy in his "other" non cheesy ass troma films" talk about gore.

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